We must put an end to the employment. Human beings are too much big and sacred to be “employed”.



My philosophical dictionary (The logical dancers) [See here in Spanish] is really a theological study on the omnipotence of a goddess: Vak, the Vedic goddess of the language, which knows herself to be omnipotent. And I think that the existence of this goddess, like the existence of all gods and goddesses, is only meaningful in order to raise the human condition. I am conscious of this irrational anthropocentric cult. But I don’t care. All my thoughts, and my Metaphysics as a whole, are moved by love, by love to people. I’m not going to resign from my worship to the human condition. It is too late. I love too many people too much. Much more than I love trees, rivers, dogs, flowers, sunrises, oceans or clouds.

And I do not know a more radical disgrace of human condition than that induced thought words. “Poetically we inhabit the earth” (Hölderlin). “Discourses make men” (Foucault). “Believing is creating” (Unamuno). If this is so, let’s pay attention to the statements (the invisible Poetry) that vibrate in that logical-poetical dream in which we all live. Let us get out of the jail where words put us without us noticing. Lets us get out of sheer “poetical obedience” where we betray the immensity of our being. Living in a jail means lack of respect for our dignity. And there are jails in which we live because we want to, because we don´t believe in our sacred greatness as human beings (maybe because someone has told us that we are small, that we must be humble).

I have a growing sensation that we are boundless, impressive, sacred. Our limits are not known and will never be known. When a human being uses for himself the verb “to be” he must point to the infinite, even to God.

I am conscious of the social and economical difficulties we are facing today in the world, especially in Spain, the country were I live and love. But I find it unacceptable that any human being say: “I am unemployed, so I have no work, so something is wrong”.

In these statements I find a self denial, a lack of self respect, a rotting poetical spell for human dignity. And also an excess of “poetical obedience”. Even more: I see a sort a state-grown monster swallowing the human soul (or the human mind, for those who don’t like the word soul).

The essence of any human being cannot be reduced from the standpoint of a legal system. And this is said by someone -me- who was in legal practice for fifteen years. The fact that the “professional activity”, the “work”, of a human being is not structured by means of a contract as an employee cannot transmute the sacred human conscience into a slavish, resentful, self-limiting conscience.

The fact that a human being is not contributing with services in that dual setup employer/employee, should not paralyse his creativity, nor negate his essential monarchy, his sovereignty. We are all kings, all of us, let’s not forget it; kings who maintain ethical relationships with others, but that never would accept either to “employ” a monarch, nor to be “employed” by one. Human being is an end in itself, not a means (Kant).

We dispose of all the sacred mornings of the world to get pencil and paper, to give live to thousand of ideas, to dream with our feet on earth, alone, or with other monarchs, in cooperation, dreaming together. We have to create, to struggle in order to materialise our most beautiful dreams. All of us are branches of the Creation. Nobody can “feel” redundant. To be unemployed does not mean to be redundant.

Work is magic. Magic is work. And we all, as human beings, are powerful magicians. Yes, we re. So we must always work. Even though there is not enough help. We all dispose of a enormous wealth of help inside ourselves. We are magicians, not slaves whose only purpose is to be as well treated as possible by a great emperor (be it a company or a public administration).

A new thinking and feeling model awaits to be set up. A model in which we could recreate that which we now describe as “economy” or “politics”. New ideological heavens have to spring up. There must be new ways for collective dreams (that’s what any civilisation is about).

The most urgent matter now is to set our hopes on the grandiosity of human beings, of all of them, and on their possibilities. Slavery must have an end, and the enslaving conscience too.

I think that poetical strikes should take place instead of “physical” and collective strikes. That means to abandon, at least for a day, self-denial discourses and self deprecating statements in which now millions of human souls wallow. The problem is that some groups and institutions make bets down on the human condition. Many marxists for example do not want to put an end to the proletarian consciousness. It seems like they do not want to live, yet, in the final marxist paradise. I think that that paradise is now available. The proletarian consciousness is a jail of words, an invisible cosmical-poetry created chiefly by Marx and Engels.

Jails made of anti-humanitarian words must be left empty. It is fun to fight the baddies (it helps also to bind groups of individuals with internal cohesive problems). But, I am afraid, there are not quite so many baddies. Maybe even none. Not even those who believe in baddies and fight against them.

Hate. Fight. Baddies. I don’t feel that any Spanish government ever wanted to do it badly; that is to say: against the interests of “the people” (of their idea of “people”). They have all done their best. As a matter of fact, I think we have had better governments than opposition leaders. Maybe we as Spanish have succumbed to our most glorious virtue: excessive generosity. And I do not think that corruption has had a decisive impact on public spending (but it has had it on the belief that policies based on honesty and love are possible).

In any case I do not believe in conspiracies. I think that everything is a lot more complex and beautiful. Nobody out of us pulls the threads here, in this wide world theatre. The president of Goldman Sachs is as bewildered physically and metaphysically as any “unemployed” person. We all burn inside an enormous mystery. Ortega y Gasset [See here in Spanish] might say that we swim in that mystery as best as we can. Please, let us be compassionate towards the other human beings that burn or swim with us inside the immense prodigy of the world.

The only real conspiracy in which I believe takes place behind the racks of the theatre in which we live. And I firmly feel that this conspiracy has been contrived by an omnipotence which loves us -all of us- to excess.

We all are gods loved by gods.

And as the gods we are we can and must create a new Matrix – a new Maya – where we can all love and dream. There is no life without dreams. And no dreams without humans to feel them. The magic word is “work”. And we all have an infinite work´s energy available.

Lets use that energy to become Gods: free and creative Gods who are able to respect, to help and to love other Gods.


I am fully aware that my English is not very good, but I do prefer to write my ideas directly, not through the mind, heart and hands of a translator. Please excuse my errors.


David López

Sotosalbos (Segovia), February, 20th 2013.



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  1. Enrique Titos

    Good thoughts though my fear is that they may fall short of realism in them becoming a real catarsis in people mind, because it is there where all belief and emotions reside. Whithouth individual consciousness realising thee power of the right “shelf”” and taking the risk of reassessing tthe individual lives´priorities, it is difficullt to emmpower ourselves with the divine “”mandate”” to release our potential. Let me put it bluntly, how can people transition from todays society of exogenous created necessitiies to a world in which we become real owners of our needs. This is an exercise of intimate liberty which require real exercise of the potentials of the human internal personality, and the guts to make it a reality. In my view, the sense of self feeling unemployed is closely connected wiht the internal need we seem to have to the sense of beloging to something… even if in the most profound of our sould is does not satisfy us or even create frustration in our lives. But your reflections are a good start. My proposal would be to change conventional thinking by teaching right thinking from school and universities and for the people who are facing unemployment now to make a genuine assesment of what do they need in life.

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