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In this section I will try to share what I see and feel in politics today. I hope to be equable and helpful.

Politics is an articulation of collective needs and dreams. And I do not think that its inner and outer boundaries are easy to determine. Neuronal connections in the brain of Angela Merkel or Obama can not beat isolated from the rest of that “matter” that many people -not me- take as the only existing substance. Namely: I do not really know what “matter” is.

Are we free and creative enough to set our political habitats? What happens at the deepest bottom of the politics?

Philosophy offers privileged cameras in order to focus that gigantic and polyhedral phenomena that we, simplifying, simplifying too much, call “politics.” And I think these cameras can bring us lucidity, fairness, love and hope. Four crucial concepts. Political debates, especially those occurring in the streets, usually carry in excess blind emotions and ideological sleepiness.

We’re in a time when philosophy is inescapable. I will try to offer an useful political Philosophy in the articles included in this section of my blog.

Thank you for your visit.

David López




Hatred is foolish

We must put an end to the employment. Human beings are too much big and sacred to be “employed”.