MONTESACRO-No matter in which World (NOVEL)



MONTESACRO is a novel that imagines what might happen in our current civilization if hundreds of millions of books are made from the matter of a brand new universe —created inside the CERN lab in Switzerland— and those books contain, exclusively, the works of Nietzsche. 

Billions of people all over the world (politicians and religious leaders included) are bewitched by the beauty and vertiginous depth of the new matter, of the radically new pages, and can’t help but read the philosopher and be profoundly shaken and transformed by his ideas. Amidst an unstoppable, very violent Nietzschean revolution, Juan Ruiz and Luisa fall in love by a creek in Spain, where they believe they have met randomly. That love will dramatically drag Luisa to investigate what happened in 1882 between Nietzsche and Lou Salome in Italy, in a hill by the lake Orta: the Montesacro. Finally, surrounded by a convulsed, cracked human civilization, Luisa and Juan Ruiz will be told what they really are, and the intimate dream they are unconsciously fulfilling.